The Science of Brand Magic

Today’s forward-thinking marketers know that traditional ‘best practices’ and agency approaches aren’t cutting it in our modern complex customer-centric world.


Moving away from the traditional opinion-led approach, StoryScience’s guiding purpose is to pioneer science-based creative and deliver brand magic that audiences want and the results clients need.


Back in 2013, Kohlben Vodden, our founder saw the writing on the wall. Working in the big global creative agencies, he was tasked with future-proofing household name brands by predicting, understanding and commercialising behavioural, cultural and technology shifts. Predicting the impact that behavioural science and big data would have on the efficacy of brand creative, but realizing there is only so far you can go when opinion was still trumping data in the traditional agency model, he found his purpose and StoryScience was born.


Our team of creators, pioneers and scientists are driven by this original guiding purpose. We plan, create and deliver creative advertising, branding and marketing solutions underpinned by a science-based strategic planning framework. StoryScience has revolutionised the industry’s landscape and built a reputation as a leading voice and innovator.


In short, we use science to create brand magic.

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