Masterclass: The Science of Generation Z Consumers


How to avoid irrelevance in the post-Millennial world




2019 is the year Generation Z consumers will outnumber Millennials in the UK. In fact, they already represent 33% of the UK population and command £7 billion in consumer spend annually.


This dynamic half-day Masterclass workshop builds on the hugely popular marketing report ‘The Science of Generation Z Consumers’ published by StoryScience. It will help you to avoid irrelevance in this post-Millennial world through sharing science-backed consumer insights, strategies and case studies.


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What you will learn


+ The consumer psychology of this generation


+ What technology they use and how they use it


+ Their marketing/content channel preferences


+ The unique shopping behaviours they exhibit


+ How other brands have achieved early success

Industry experts


Your master trainer is Kohlben Vodden. He is the founder of the UK’s first science-based creative agency, StoryScience. Kohlben launched the agency in 2013 with the sole purpose of using science to deliver smarter and more effective brand creative.


Prior to founding StoryScience Kohlben spent over 12 years within global creative agencies and strategic consultancies, including Ogilvy and Wunderman. As a prominent industry figure who regularly speaks at events such as Marketing Week and Social Media Week, he is passionate about advancing the industry by sharing knowledge about emerging consumer groups, scientific creative, consumer psychology and data

London Masterclass

Workshop Venue

The Ministry
79-81 Borough Rd,
London SE1 1DN
United Kingdom