Announcement: New marketing science cheat sheets for brand marketers

What are the cheat sheets?

The new Marketing Science Cheat Sheets is a must-read editorial series designed to make you the smartest person in the room during your next marketing meeting. We seek out and distill cutting-edge scientific discoveries, theories and insights about consumer behaviour and craft them into innovative brand strategies designed put you at the forefront of industry thinking. We distribute our cheat sheets exclusively to our brand clients and subscriber community. Contact us today to get access to this new content or you read the first edition on How To Use The Psychology of ‘Us Vs. Them’ To Develop Powerful Creative Brand Strategies here.

Who are they for?

Our new cheat sheets have been specifically designed for senior brand and marketing decision makers who are seeking advantage over their competitors and to evolve their marketing practices beyond current best practice.

Why did we create them?

As the pioneers of applying science to brand and marketing creative we are heavily invested in leading industry thinking on the application of science to improve effectiveness and creativity. Educational resources like these cheat sheets are complimented by consumer insight reports, masterclasses and industry presentations to share our knowledge.

About StoryScience

StoryScience is the UK’s first scientific strategic creative agency. Moving away from the traditional opinion-led approach, StoryScience’s guiding purpose is to pioneer scientific creative and deliver brand magic that audiences want and the results clients need. We deliver creative and strategic marketing solutions underpinned by a scientific creative thinking. In short, we use science to create brand magic.



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